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December 4th 2018
I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank Rudy G., our leader, who tirelessly arranges these get together events for us once a month and sometimes twice per month should a venue become available. Believe me it is an exhausting task.
I also want to thank the Lambrous family for their friendly and welcoming hospitality and also for utilizing the most wonderful fireplace for us to enjoy during the Holiday party last Saturday night.
Thank you also to the owners of Verdi's and Douglaston Manor who graciously make their establishments available for these fine events throughout the year.
I would like to extend a big welcome to anyone who has heard of the Lava 44 group and would like to give it a try, as well as, welcome back those who used to be part of this wonderful group yet for some reason have stopped coming.
Lava 44 proudly features one of two outstanding DJs - Anthony or Marlon - for their events. They both keep us up on our feet and dancing all night.
Finally the 2018 Holiday event last Saturday night was a great evening of dining, dancing, and socializing in spite of the inclement weather.
Thanks again to Rudy and Connie for continuing their efforts in organizing the 2018 events and for those scheduled in the coming New Year.
Dave the rave

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