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Friendly Reminder:
Everyone attending our events is required to:

    1) Register
    2) Show proof of vaccination
    3) Purchase ticket(s) in advance.
    *** If you attended any event since our re-opening, your vaccinations have been recorded and are NOT required again. Thank you

Memorial Sunday
Dinner / Dance Spectacular

May 29th 2022

Max Seating 150.
First come, first serve.

Request tickets via e-mail to


Max Seating 150.
First come, first serve.

Request tickets via e-mail to

New Dinner Buffet Policy

Effective December 5th 2021, We will ramdomly call up tables by number, 3 at a time, to enjoy our lavish dinner buffet.

The table groups and times will be posted on the big screen TV.

The practice of assembling on long endless lines is OVER; you all deserve better than that! You can now continue dancing or mingling while waiting for your time slot.

This process will create a more enjoyable dining experience for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, every table will enjoy the same dinner offerings whether your table is first or last; this is and always has been the hospitality of our fabulous venues and Lava 44.
Thank you.

Dear Friends of Lava 44

We are pleased to announce The opening of our 2022 Saturday Night Spectacular Dinner / Dance Event.

Registration and Full vaccinations are required for each person attending our events.

Please use the form on the right to register. You will receive and email confirmation once you have done so.

If you have already registered for our events, please send an email to: requesting your ticket(s). Purchase options will be sent to you in a reply email.

Thank you.

2022 Registration Form

Full Vaccination and Registration is REQUIRED prior to attending our events.

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